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Time spent on luxurious motor yachts is an ultimate holiday!

Even the best hotels can seldom match the facilities aboard yachts and provide you with unique pleasure, relaxation and satisfaction!


We will make sure that every detail meets the highest requirements and 5 star service – from your arrival to a marina where your yacht and the crew is waiting to welcome you on board,  to making reservations in the best restaurants, elite clubs and visits to hidden beaches and coves – whatever you may wish for!


Our charter team is ready to create your dream charter sail.

Our knowledge of cruising areas is crucial in creating an impeccable itinerary.


Are you dreaming of a country where the sea and sun merge in one, and the sun rays gently touch each of numerous islands, your dreams are just about to come true…

Croatia is called “the Land of a Thousand Islands”!

Croatia has amazing 5.835 km of coastline and 4.058 km belongs to islands, cliffs and reefs.

The coast and islands merge into an exquisite impression decorated by numerous natural beauties, mighty reeves, hidden turquoise coves, step like rocks and picturesque beaches.

The hinterland will enchant you with its evergreen, Mediterranean vegetation,  olive trees and vineyards, eye-catching lavender, cypress trees and pines.

Each moment spent sailing on the Adriatic Sea is a unique pleasure.

Croatia whose rich cultural heritage is discovered not only from within the walls of numerous museums, galleries and churches, many of which today, as zero category monuments are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, but also in that magical place on the Mediterranean, where even the shortest stroll becomes a journey down a staircase thousands of years old, which takes one through a history that is at the same time turbulent, exciting and glorious.


Each island on the Adriatic is special and unique – each has its own story and destiny. Every visit to Adriatic coast means discovering new breathtaking beauties and experiencing new sites.


Adriatic coastline is one of the sunniest in Europe with 2.600 hours of sunlight a year, on an average. Each and every spot of the Croatian coast, as well as of every island at the Adriatic Sea may be a fascinating storyteller of this exceptional part of Mediterranean.

Besides the lavish natural stage, Croatia also has rich cultural scenery, which is a reflection of three thousand years civilization impact.

The mainland coast and the islands have numerous small places in which time seems to stand still. Medieval fortresses, castles, chapels and cathedrals tell a tale of rich cultural history. Medieval fairytale towns proudly rising from the cobalt blue Adriatic are the true custodians of this cultural treasure.

City forts, bell towers, elegant palaces and narrow stone streets fully complement the sea, sky and mountains surrounding them, confirming the antic notion of the harmony of man and nature.


Charter Fee

The charter fee is based upon the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association (MYBA) terms and conditions which include the vessel, fully paid crew, vessel laundry and vessel insurance.



Advanced Provising Allowance  (APA)

• Vessel

• Skipper and crew

• Bedding and towels

• 40 NM fuel allowance per day

• Fuel for tender – up to a maximum of two hours use per day

• Continental breakfast – for example coffee/tea, fruit, juice, croissants, butter and jams, cereal, yogurts

• Mediterranean – style lunch-for example cold meats, various salads, choice of breads, cheese, fruit

• Soft drinks

• House champagne, wines and beers – specific brands availble if requested 

• House basic bar (whisky, brandy, vodka,gin ) – specific brands available if requested 


In Pula, Rijeka, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik we provide:

- Clearance service

- Berth booking

- Personal Shopper

- VIP Airport Assistance

- Yacht Concierge

- VIP Transportation

- Bunkering

- VIP Security

- Wines and Spirits

- Hotel Accommodation

- Guided Tours / Shore Excursions

- Medical assistance

- Laundry

- Provisioning

- Floral Arrangements

- Beauty and Wellness

- Wedding planning




Yacht Management aims to provide a comprehensive range of services to maximise the Owner's enjoyment of their yacht, minimise the risks and liabilities associated with yacht ownership, control the costs of yacht operations and protect the significant capital investment that a yacht represents.


As your Yacht Manager it is our role to ensure that the yacht is maintained and operated in accordance with ever evolving legislation and is in compliance with local regulations.

Maintaining the yacht to the highest possible standard ensures that the resale value and prospective charter revenue, if desired, is maximised.


Maintaining and operating a yacht represents a considerable expense for any Owner. A professional manager, working closely with Captain and Crew, can help control expenses, ensuring that optimal pricing is obtained in the procurement of goods and services.









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