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Business and Tourist flights


Choice, convenience and time saved are why travelers like flying private charter jets over commercial airlines. When you book your private Jet charter, you choose what you want: airport location, when you fly, aircraft, where you land, people you fly with.

The convenience of not having to go through traditional airport security and other procedures is a huge benefit in time saved.

You no longer need to check in two plus hours early for your flight, wait on long lines, or suffer any inconvenience at all.

On your own private jet charter you are not required to check certain bags and stow others

Cessna Citation Jet Charter Croatia

Capacity: 2 pilots (captain + copilot) and 7 passengers

Engine power: 2 x 8,74 kN (1960 lb) of thrust

Cruising speed: 700 - 800 km/h (380 - 430 kt)

Maximum take off weight: 5600 kg

Length:14,53 m

Wing span:15,19 m

Height: 4,27 m

Maximum flight height:13500 m (FL 450)


Request the Cessna 525A CJ2 Citation Jet.

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