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The Lampuga allows for wave cruising in coastal areas, speeding through warm and sunny bays, drifting in cozy lagoons or just enjoying the most relaxing and quiet sunbath ever – far away from massively crowded beaches. Its lightweight carbon-fibre composite construction and powerful full-electric jet drive enable it to reach high velocities, making the Lampuga as fast, agile and smooth as the marine creature which shares its name – the dolphinfish, one of the fastest fish in the world.


SKU: 2303-4
  • Specifications Lampuga Carbon:

    •  Length: 2.56 m (8’ 5”)

    •  Width: 0.8 m (2’ 7”)

    •  Height: 0.16 m (6”)

    •  Weight: 37.0 kg (81.0 lb)

    •  Battery type: Lithium 51.8 V  capacity 58.8 Ah

    •  Speed*: up to 54 kmph (34 mph)

    •  Engine power: 15 hp

    •  Battery duration*: up to 40 minutes

    •  Range*: up to 20 km (12 miles)

    •  Charging time: 120 minutes with standard charging device/ 60 minutes with high power charger

    The Lampuga Carbon is powered by an emission-free electrical jet engine which delivers 15 horse powers directly to the water, transforming them into pure forward thrust. Riding the Lampuga Csrbon is fairly simple: the power is varied employing the thrust control which is attached to the bow via the steering belt, providing a safe stance and full control over the board

    * Battery duration, speed and range are dependent on various factors such as the ride’s speed profile and the driver’s abilities and weight.

    ** The high power charging device is available as additional equipment. With the high power charger the charging time will reduce to 60 minutes, if a 230 V plug with 16 amp minimum is provided.

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