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The Lampuga is the current board of choice having been in production now for 1 year after 4 years of development.  These new powered boards are quiet, fast, agile, lightweight due to their carbon fibre construction and maintenance free so perfect for yacht or leisure use. The lithium-ion batteries also eliminate the need to carry fuel onboard.


SKU: 2303-3
  • Constipated for coastal rescue of drowning people.

    Tested in cooperation with the German coastal guards DLRG.

    Inflatable –needs a minimum of storage space.


    No maintenance

    No driving licence needed

    Fastest to save the victim (within 200m)

    Upto47 km/h

    11 kW / 15 HP

    Reach of up to 20 km

    20-40 minutes Battery duration (20 Min. means complete full-speed)

    Weight32 kg

    Length/Width/Height deflated: 100cm/50cm/30cm

    Length/Width/Height inflated: 280cm/75cm/15cm

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